Select the 'page of thumbnails link' from this page, or if you are already viewing the pictures as sideshow, then click "Back to Set" in the upper left corner.

Find the photo you want to download, and then click on it in the middle.

How to Download High-Resolution Photos from Flickr


If you would like to download a high-resolution copy of one of the photos to keep or print yourself, follow these instructions.  If you want High-Resolution copies of all of the photos, you should just email Kate and ask her to mail you a thumb drive.

The full-resolution files are about 20MB each.  (giant!)

It will open on it's own page.  Now click the icon in the lower right.

Choose Original Size (or smaller if you want), and wait for it to download.

If you would like to have it printed, you can use and pick it up from your local store.

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