Madison lies on a thin isthmus between lakes Monona and Mendota.  Madison is the capital of Wisconsin, and home to the University of Wisconsin.

Here are some of our favorite things to do in the Madison area:

The State Capitol

Do not miss the Capitol building in the city center near State St.  It is a spectacular building that rivals our National Capital.  Get lost in the hand-painted stairways.  Keep climbing up to eventually find the outdoor balcony that lets you see the entire isthmus.


Madison Area Attractions

Madison Bike Trails

Rent a tandem bike with your partner for $50 from budget bike rentals.  Its hard at first, but easier if you don't have to start and stop very much.  From the store, jump right on the Southwest Commuter Trail and head south west.  This dedicated bike trail follows an old railroad grade, so it's easy on the legs.  Enjoy views of beautiful home gardens, and later the trail winds into farmland.  It's paved for as far as I've ever ridden it, but I hear from my friends that it eventually turns to fine gravel.

Villas Zoo

The Villas Zoo is not far from downtown and is free.  Don't miss the chubby prairie dogs.  Free parking lot.


Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

Located downtown on State St, the MMoCA is a small, free art museum.  The art on display changes multiple times a year.  It's worth stopping in if you are walking around on State St.

State Street

State Street connects the Memorial Union of the University to the capitol building.  It is lined with shops, restaurants, and bars.  State Street it's self is closed to cars, but Buses, Taxi Cabs, and Bikes traverse it.  Parking is pretty easy and cheep ($2-$6) in this area.  Our favorite is the garage on N Carrol St and Johnson St, but make sure to enter on Carrol St unless you want to pay a meter.  Some of our favorite bars and restaurants are in the State Street and capitol area.

More Activities Coming Later

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