Mount Horeb Activities

Downtown Mount Horeb

Downtown Mount Horeb is famous for their numerous troll statues.  Main street is nicknamed the "Trollway."  There are a lot of cutesy shops (including galleries, antique shops, and a microbrewery) along main street, and most of them are open from 10am-5pm everyday.


Cave of the Mounds

If you are spending the weekend in Mount Horeb, you would be batty to miss the Cave of the Mounds.  (there actually aren't any bats there because it's a sealed cave, other than the entrance within the gift shop.)

It really is worth seeing.  Beautiful formations and easy paths make it fun for all ages.  It is $16 per adult.

Tours last one hour and start every 20-30 minutes with the last tour departing at 6 pm.  608-437-3038


Military Ridge State Trail

This dedicated bike trail offers beautiful views of rural Wisconsin.  In the Mount Horeb and Verona area, it's fine gravel.  Also consider the trails that go through Madison, where you can rent a bike.

Wollersheim Winery

30 minutes north of Mount Horeb is Wollersheim Winery.  They do grow some grapes there, but mostly they make wine from trucked-in grapes.  The tour is just OK, but they let you see a neat underground cellar.  Even if you don't go on the tour, it's a beautiful estate, and wine tasting is fun.

Middleton Activities

Mustard Museum

If you like mustard even a little bit, check out the National Mustard Museum.  It's located in Middleton, near the Hilton Garden Hotel.  Taste many types of mustard, buy a bushel of exotic mustards, and check out the historical mustards in the basement.

Greenway Station Shopping

The Hilton Garden Hotel is located basically in a giant shopping mall called Greenway Sation.  They have Nail salons, Jos A. Bank, Coldwater Creek, World Market, White House Black Market, Ann Taylor Loft, and many more.


Mounds Pet Store

Missing your pet back home?  Visit my favorite pet store: Mounds.  They help out the humane society tremendously, and they give you a free mounds chocolate bar when you check out.


Capitol Brewery

Take a brewery tour or just enjoy the beer garden at Capitol Brewery.  I like the Capitol Amber.



Here is a list of spas in Middleton.


Nature Hiking

Visit the wetlands trails at Pheasant Branch Conservatory, or a sandy lake Mendota beach at Governor Nelson State Park.


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