The photographs for our save-the-date cards were taken by the talented and kind Errin Hiltbrand. She embraced our wacky sea monster idea.  During our photo shoot, she was excellent at putting us at ease and keeping the mood light.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer in the Madison area.

The role of the Sea Monster was played by our Generous Friend, Jessica Ciomperlik, who also scoped out the location (Raymer's Cove near Picnic Point) and insisted on bringing the Ukulele.

The photo progression was  conceptualized and arranged for printing by Kate Baldwin.

The cards themselves were printed at ProDPI.  The cards only had 4-panels per side, so 2 were glued together in order to make the full 7 panels.  We choose "Specialty Eco Matte" for the paper quality.

The envelopes were ordered from Paper Presentation.  They don't send you any ship notification, and they take a long time to reply to their emails.  The liners were ordered from the same site, and we glued them into the envelopes.

The stamps were ordered from  Because the cards were so thick, we needed 2 ounce 66-cent stamps.

When I brought them to the post office, I learned that I actually need 86-cent stamps for hand-processing.

Jeremy picked the engagement ring from one of the sellers on Kate's Etsy favorites list.  It was a surprise.

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