American Players Theater in Spring Green

Outdoor Theater

Spring green is an artsy touristy town about 45min from Mount Horeb and 1hour from Madison.

The American Player's Theater's summertime evening shows are a whimsical experience.  The best plan is to picnic with dinner and wine in the large picnic area near the parking lot.

When it's time for the play, you take a 10min hike up a hill though the woods to the permanent theater.

Most of the selected plays are Shakespeare or other classics.  They are performed and arranged by professional actors and crew.


Wedding Weekend

Some guests may be interested in visiting the American Player's Theater the day after our Wedding.  That Sunday, the play will be The Seagull written by Anton Chekhov, and it will start at around 6pm.  We would recommend starting your picnic at ~4pm.  Although this would be a Sunday night, it is labor day weekend.

The price of each ticket will be $46-$52, depending on the section, and you should buy the tickets ASAP because they usually sell out.

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