Kate Baldwin, or Katherine as her family calls her, was born in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park.  Her Mom, Barbara, is a retired Cook County judge and nurse.  Barbara and her husband, David, like to relax at the stables with their babied Morgan horse named T-Bone.  Allan, her Dad, is a retired information technology manager.  He and Kate’s stepmom, Jan, love to travel the country during the summer in their RV and SCUBA dive in the tropics.

Kate went to college at Lewis & Clark in Portland Oregon, and came to Madison, Wisconsin in 2005 for graduate school.  Kate has her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology and is currently a free-lance scientific visual communicator available for graphic design hire.

Jeremy was born to Susan Ott-Holland and James Holland in Racine, WI. His father currently oversees IT purchasing contracts for Johnson's Wax. His mother is the Director of Spiritual Care for Aurora Hospitals and Clinics.

Jeremy graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison in Biochemistry prior to enrolling in UW Pharmacy School. He currently works as a pharmacist with Walgreens.




Jeremy and I both lived in the same condominium complex in Madison.  After passing each other in the hallways for years, we finally got to know each other during a complicated water leak mystery in the building in August of 2010.  During the course of an email conversation, I mentioned that I had a frozen whole free-range chicken.  In what would come to be known as the poultry proposition, I suggested that Jeremy use his culinary skills to prepare the bowling-ball sized ice block and in exchange I would share the meat with him.

Jeremy greeted me at his door with a glass of wine.  He was interesting and a little eccentric.  He told me how he used to bring candy to fellow college students studying in the library late at night branding himself as the gnome of academia.  The meal was excellent, and the rest is history.

In 2010, I corresponded with Kate concerning both shared internet services and leaks that were occurring in the stack of condos of which my unit is a part. It came to light that we had many mutually shared interests. I told her about my interest in cooking, and she confided that she had a number of meat items in her freezer that she did not have the requisite knowledge to cook. I invited her to bring the thawed chicken over to my unit so that I could prepare it and we could share the chicken together. I asked how large the chicken was, and she used displacement method to calculate the volume and weight of the chicken. It was at this time that I knew I was in love.

We shared the chicken along with macaroni and cheese and a salad that I made, as well as red wine. We enjoyed each other's company very much. Later on she left muddy buddies on my doorknob as a way of thanking me for the meal. She invited me over so that she could cook me lamb, and we enjoyed a delicious meal of lamb and couscous together.


Jeremy and Kate were engaged atop a cliff at Devil’s Lake State Park.  They have two pet rabbits, one of which is a wonderful and loving pet.

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